About Beech Street Pottery

Named after my passion for beaches, beeches, and a family home on Beech Street, Beech Street Pottery is rooted in love and nature.

I take my creative inspiration from countless family meals, gathered around several boisterous tables in that great Victorian on Beech St. ¬†Aunts and uncles, cousins and cousins and more cousins, passing communal dishes of green beans and mashed potatoes around and around. My pottery is handmade with care and meant to be shared and used and loved. Or maybe kept to yourself and squirreled away like Nana’s famous cherry cheese tarts.

When I am not in the studio, I can be found on a beach or in the mountains. My style reflects this connection to nature by providing functional pieces both rustic and raw. A little part of me will always be on a beach, under a beech, or on Beech Street, and I bring that energy to all of my works.




My childhood friends joke that if you told us at age 10 that in 20 years I would be spending my Saturday afternoons making earrings, we would have called you a liar and questioned if your pants were on fire. We were a trio of tomboys, tearing through the mud, hiking the local foothills, digging for clams, and tromping through nature. Accessorizing was certainly a low priority but over time I have refined my taste and found a balance in expressing my love for nature and the outdoors in everything I wear. When I couldn’t find the right jewelry to share this fun, funky, earthy side of me, I started making my own.

Rustic by design, these earrings are durable and tested in all the elements–from the mountains of Montana to the hills of the Boston Marathon to the depths of Cape Cod Bay, they have survived it all. Here at Beech Street, we work hard and play hard and expect our earrings to be able to keep up!

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